David James

Professor of Sociology of Education, Cardiff University
Collaborator, Digital Futures of Work

Professor James has expertise in the study of governance, teaching, learning, assessment and inequalities in education. Professional and vocational provision and its relationship to work and workplaces is a particular interest. He has researched and published extensively on these topics, directing several major projects and authoring over 80 articles, books and reports. Professor James is editor of a leading international journal and is Chair of the UK 2021 Research Excellence Framework Education sub-panel.

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Publications | December 2, 2021

Working Paper 5: Rethinking lifelong learning in the ‘fourth industrial revolution’

Two key discourses of our time, lifelong learning (LLL) and the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), have been inextricably linked to offer a compelling narrative of the coupling of education models and technological change to enable individual empowerment, social inclusion and a shared prosperity. This article takes an analytical view, examining