Hanne Shapiro

For more than 25 years, Hanne has carried out international policy studies and provided strategic advice to national governments, OECD, UNESCO, and the EU Commission. She is well grounded in futures methodologies and have in several contexts, actively applied these to explore and reimagine lifelong learning scenarios and the role of human ingenuity in shaping technological change. In that context, she has worked with numerous sector bodies in Denmark, Scandinavia and in Europe such as financial services including Fintech, engineering services, advanced manufacturing, and Edtech. More recently, she has supported the European Commission in a European consultation process to define a European approach to micro-credentials in the context of lifelong learning.

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Blog | January 20, 2022

Living, learning and working in the digital archipelago

Work-life quality is serious business in Finland, they have taken it to whole new levels! When countries across the world went into lockdown due to the pandemic, the shift to online operations was a challenge for many. In Finland, this was not the case as Finland is highly digital, but