Helen Bound

Deputy Director (Research), Institute for Adult Learning Singapore
Collaborator, Digital Futures of Work

Dr Bound’s research focus is on learning across a wide variety of contexts, including workplace learning, learning in high technology environments, professional learning and learning through collaborative activity. She is lead author of the book, Learning and Development of Non-Permanent Workers in Singapore (London: Routledge). Her most recent book is due for publication this year: Helen Bound, Jennifer Pei Ling Tan, Rebekah, Wei Ying Lim (Editors). Pedagogies for Future-Oriented Learners – Flipping the Lens from Teaching to Learning.

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Blog | July 29, 2022

Work Integrated Learning for future-oriented capabilities

There has been a shift in Singapore’s educational institutions towards an emphasis on industry placements as part of the preparation of learners for work in a more challenging labour market. This shift happens across all levels of the workforce, be it for the undergraduates through internship programmes, the unemployed seeking