In 2023, work is going to be redefined - and we know how.

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Some of our Research Questions:

1.What new conceptual approaches and methods are needed to understand the impact of digital innovation on the changing relationship among work, education and labour market?

2. How are business strategies changing in response to digital technologies, and redefining how skills, education and occupations are set up in the fourth industrial revolution?

3. What are the challenges and opportunities for individual career journeys, lifelong learning, and individual employability?

4. How similar or different are national policy approaches to digital innovation, and which approaches have the best prospects of delivering economic transformation for a better future of work?

What sets us apart:

Our independent, in-depth analysis of current realities and future possibilities for a better future of work based on the following:

ESG targets

When purpose engages people bottom-up and top down in an organization to effectively deliver a sustainable agenda for social and environmental impact


Democratized innovation

When teams get together and – regardless of their location, digital dexterity and device – ideate and jointly develop new solutions, driving cohesion and a sense of purpose.


Employee performance

When individual purpose is manifested through work. People are dedicated and work hard for goals they understand and feel connected to


Employee retention

When individual purpose is aligned with their company’s purpose. People stay with companies that share their same values and principles and have a clear and unequivocal impact on society and the planet.

Read more in Working Paper 1.

Professor Phillip Brown, Director of the Digital Futures of Work research programme introduces some of the key issues that the research programme sets out to investigate

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