News & Events | 31 May, 2022

Digital Workplace 4.0 Conference 2022 organised by the Singapore University of Technology on 12 May 2022

Ms Sahara Sadik shared insights and findings on digital technologies, corporate talent management, and the risks of new inequalities in Singapore at the Digital Workplace 4.0 Conference 2022. The hybrid conference, organised by the Singapore University of Technology and Design, was held on 12 May 2022 at Park Royal Hotel, Marina Bay and via Zoom.

The presentation focused on an analytical lens that is significantly missing in current studies on digital technologies, namely the social relations of production within a firm. Multiple studies of earlier periods of technological change have identified the decisive role of social relations in determining the character of technological deployment in firms. This paper reports findings of the first national-level study of the social relations of production at the firm level in Singapore, and how they shape the future of work opportunities. The mixed-method study combines a quantitative analysis of over 3,800 firms in Singapore with qualitative investigation of 29 firms. It found robust evidence of the use of digital strategy as an extension of firms’ social relations leading to unexpected risks of new social inequalities within the professional class in Singapore.


Visit the conference webpage for more information on the conference and conference materials.