News & Events | 29 Jul, 2022

Researching Work & Learning International Conference Toronto (RWL12), 13-15 July 2022

Ms Candice Chong presented on how trust relations in workplaces mediate current and future trajectories in professional work and learning at the virtual 12th International Researching Work & Learning Online Conference (RWL12), from July 13-15, 2022.

The presentation focused on the prospective dimension of identifying the impact of workplace structures on professional journeys and future opportunities that is lacking in research on work and learning. This is a critical area for inquiry in the context of contested discussions on the future of work especially if workers will be substituted or augmented by AI and robotic processes. Based on an Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) mixed-methods study on Singaporean workplaces, the presentation shared findings on how trust relations in workplaces mediate professional journeys in the present and future. The mixed-method study combines a quantitative analysis of over 3,800 firms in Singapore with qualitative investigation of 30 firms. Through two case studies, the presentation outlines the divergent journeys of professionals in these two key archetypes in Singapore’s workplaces, namely an expansive, high-trust workplace, and a stratified, low-trust workplace. Findings from the study highlights that workplace structures shape the affordances available to professionals within the immediate environment as well as their future opportunities. This has important implications for policy and academic circles to support the design of expansive, high-trust workplace structures to secure the future of professional opportunities at a time of rapid technological innovation that increases the risks of workers’ marginalisation.

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