Publications | 04 Jan, 2024

Working Paper 10: Human-centric lifelong learning for an era of digital transformation

David James


This working paper begins by outlining examples of where digital innovation in the workplace appears to give rise to new forms of learning, ranging from quite focused and instrumental, to more broadly cultural shifts. We then consider how digital innovation undermines the conventional methods and assumptions around the anticipation of skill needs. Turning to lifelong learning, we argue for the necessity of a plural concept and note how major international articulations have moved over time. A brief consideration of the tensions between schooling systems and lifelong learning policies is then presented. In the final sections of the paper, we set out a theoretical basis for human-centric lifelong learning and then discuss the principles that may give it coherence. We conclude that in the context of continuing digital innovation across most realms of work and life, exploring these questions points us to a system of lifelong learning opportunities that pays as much attention to the needs of citizens as it does to the immediate or anticipated needs of employment.


Working paper 10 by David James. Download full working paper here

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