Publications | 01 Feb, 2021

Working Paper 1: Digital futures of work: reimagining jobs, skills and education for the digital age

Phillip Brown
Programme Director

Sahara Sadik
Deputy Programme Director

Manuel Souto-Otero
Deputy Programme Director

Digital innovation is widely recognised as a game changer. Despite attention-grabbing headlines of robots outsmarting humans leading to widespread technological unemployment and counter claims that technology will create more good jobs than it destroys just like in previous epochs, there has been little systematic analysis or evaluation of exactly how digital technologies will impact on skills, jobs and the wider economy by 2030 and beyond. This three-year research programme (2019-2023) seeks to investigate the relationship between the impact on digital technologies on businesses, skills and employment using a range of methods and tools, with the explicit aim of highlighting the strategic policy choices required to reshape the relationship between education and work for the benefit of all rather than a few. It also seeks to develop the analytical and conceptual tools to better anticipate the future of work.


Working Paper 1 by Phillip Brown, Sahara Sadik and Manuel Souto-Otero. Download full working paper here.

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