Publications | 04 Feb, 2021

Working Paper 3: Initial thoughts on policy issues for the future of work

In light of the different types and orders of effects that digitalisation has on skill needs and education and training (E&T), it is paramount to note the impact of technology on pre-existing debates within education policy. Because skill demands triggered by AI and technological change more broadly, it re-ignites and overlays long-standing debates about some of the core issues of education. With fundamental issues going to the heart of many longer-term policy choices that require addressing in response to digitalisation’s effects on education, it is necessary we provide an over-arching analysis of a limited number of key aspects of the current state of research and policy thinking. Henceforth, the working paper concludes by setting out the emerging priorities and foci for the next stages of our research.


Working Paper 3 by Ewart Keep. Download full working paper here

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