Digitalisation’s impacts on occupations and skills – the challenge for English qualifications

Across the developed and developing world the adoption of digital technologies is having an impact on the structure of occupations and careers, and consequently on the skills needed to undertake jobs and job roles. As the Digital Futures project has revealed, these impacts vary between countries, but also between occupations

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Digitalisation and English policy capacity

One of the key lessons to emerge from comparative research on national policy responses to digitalisation, automation and AI is that nations start in very different places in terms of their levels of capacity to confront these issues. Put bluntly, some countries have a stronger and more effective policy response

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The current state of play and future possibilities of using A.I. for labour market analysis

The advance in digital information and the use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) have improved the quantity and quality of new labour market information substantially in the last two decades. In part, this development has been driven by increasing low-cost computing power and the availability of real-time demand and supply labour

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