Education-work relationship

The ‘future worker’: the missing piece in the socio-technical imagery of the ‘future of work’

Perhaps, we have put too much attention on the ‘future of work’ that we lose sight of the ‘future worker’. I was reminded of this in a discussion I recently had with a robotics engineer, Q. His company creates cutting-edge robotics products and services. The chat with Q was very

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Researching Work & Learning International Conference Toronto (RWL12), 13-15 July 2022

Ms Candice Chong presented on how trust relations in workplaces mediate current and future trajectories in professional work and learning at the virtual 12th International Researching Work & Learning Online Conference (RWL12), from July 13-15, 2022. The presentation focused on the prospective dimension of identifying the impact of workplace structures

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Working Paper 2: Education, technology and the future of work in the fourth industrial revolution

It is widely believed that digital technologies are transforming all aspects of economy and society, driven by advances across a number of interdisciplinary fields and new technologies such as, artificial intelligence, robotics, additive manufacturing, synthetic biology, and smart materials. Public debate has largely focused on the threat of large-scale technological unemployment,

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