Future of work

Will generative AI lead to a degenerative workforce?

In the final year of our research programme, we’ve witnessed what’s widely believed to be a step-change in digital innovation, resulting from advances in generative AI. In some ways it’s a light bulb moment! The first street lighting in Paris for the 1878 Exposition Universelle, or in 1880 the first

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The ‘future worker’: the missing piece in the socio-technical imagery of the ‘future of work’

Perhaps, we have put too much attention on the ‘future of work’ that we lose sight of the ‘future worker’. I was reminded of this in a discussion I recently had with a robotics engineer, Q. His company creates cutting-edge robotics products and services. The chat with Q was very

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If skills are the answer, we could be asking the wrong question

At the Global Lifelong Learning Summit in Singapore1, I recently participated in a panel session on The Future of Work is Now: Workplace Learning for a Future-Ready Workforce. At the end of the session, we were asked for a final comment which led me to suggest, ‘if skills are the

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From paper and pulp to a digital front runner – Finland

Internationally, Finland is often referred to as a model country when it comes to digital transformation. In the EU Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), which has measured progress in digitalization across the EU Member States since 2014, Finland has continuously been among the top performing countries, and at the

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Global Lifelong Learning Summit, 01-02 November 2022

  The inaugural Global Lifelong Learning Summit (GLLS), jointly organised by the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) and SkillsFuture Singapore, was held from 1st to 2nd November 2002. The summit examined how different stakeholders – learners, institutions, enterprises, Government – can come together to enable effective lifelong learning as a

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